【Festival restaurant】

Located steps from the Fisherman Harbor with a beautiful view for a romantic atmosphere on the 1st and 2nd floor, Festival Hotel Banqueting Hall is widely planned and gracefully designed, equipped with karaok.  Snack Bar on the 1st floor serves edible wild herbsm seafood, small plates and delicacies ($100 per serving) to our guests.  You can also choose your own fish from our fish tank!


Banquet Hall accommodates 30 to 40 tables (equipped with karaok facilities) 
Private Dining Room (small-12 people) 5 rooms
Private Dining Room (small-16 people) 2 rooms


We offer our guests delicious food all day long.  Sanck, delicacies and feasts are made from fresh local seafood and cooked by our chef.  Enjoy our extra-value cuisins at reasonable prices whether you host a banquet or come here for a try.

Snacks Penghu style, pumpin dishes, cattlefish dishes, Fish Head steamed with pickles, Squid Pot, Fish Stired with Salty Balsom Pear, Seaweed Green Bean noodles, Clay Pot Octopus, Deviled Oyster and low-carb mochi.

Home-made noodles(recipes: fish noodles, seafood noodles... etc..)

◎ The above ingredients can be adjusted or varied as you wish.