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Transportation Information

It is very convenient to access to Penghu from all directions(by air/sea transportation): If you are travelling from Taiwan by air, you can take one of the following: Far Eastern Air Transportation, UNI Air, TransAsia Airways, Mandarin Airlines.  By sea transportation, you can take 台華輪 of Taiwan Navigation Co., LTD.〈Kaohsiung〉and All Star. Co., LTD〈Chia-yi〉.  We suggest visitors to book tickets through telephone or on-ine service in advance for visiting high season in Penghu starts from the end of April to October and all the rooms and tickets shall be insufficient. 

Booking Tickets?

You can book tickets through on-line ticketing service or through telephone.  You will get advance-booking discount five days from starting off, but please note that  the flight date and flight no. is unchangable!  for Summer is high season, especially on holidays, airlines companies open to booking 2 months earlier the date.  Please let us remind you to plan you trip and booking in advance. 

UNI Air                                                              ticketing line:06-9228999

Mandarin Airlines                                              tickietng line:06-9228688

Sea Transportation Informaiton 〈Call Service line for Travel  Time Tables〉

台華輪~f/t Kaohsiung and Magong,Travel hour about 4.5 hours

Magong Ticket Office       36, Lin-hai Rd., Magong Township     06-9264087、92630311

Kaohsiung Ticket Office       5, Jie-xing 1 St. Gushan Chiu, Kaohsiung     07-5615313 ext. 212、213

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